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Anvith Poojary

In 2022 we started Balasanksar under the guidelines of Vishwa Hindu Parisad and we tried few techniques so that we have good number of student, But after all try we failed to have even 15-20 students regularly. Reasons were very common loosing interest in doing same thing, because there was no proper module.

Sanatana dharma is very vast, learn it is like taking glass full of water from sea, still there was no proper pattern to teach to students.
I was so dedicated to find an solution to this problem, and I landed to use modern technology and put all interesting topics in easy and practical way there by we gave birth to Jnana Shiksha Kendra.

Jnana Shiksha Kendra will provide knowledge of all topics from sanatana dharma which will take you one step towards supreme being.

We have three vibhagas bala, pravda, and Matru shakti.
In bala vidya vibhag we teach all necessary discipline and basic knowledge to age group 4-14, we teach sanskrit and so that they be independent to read text and scripture.

Once the understand they start getting doubts and contradictory information from different scripture which we try to clear and understand in pravda vibhag .

And in matru shakti we provide and platform to women were they can showcase there talent.
There they can practice all the curriculum which we provide we give small and interesting projects which will make them more active and empowered.

Talking about website i have gone through 100 of websites but I never came across one single which is umbrella for all age group.

People say that they are in kaliyug and in this yuga it is not appropriate to read our scripture or practice it. So modern problems have modern solution.

Soon will come across with more interesting programs webinar, podcasts, online events etc.

Stay tuned with us, register your self and if you like to join us and serve in the sanatana seva then register your self in volunteer section.

Desha seva Janardhana seva ||

dharmo rakshati rakshitah ||

Vande mataram ||

Anvith Poojary
Jnana Shiksha Kendra

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be a sevaka (เคธเฅ‡เคตเค•)

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