An introduction on dharma

  • It is the most misunderstood term and it’s a very important concept which seems to be absent in 
  • Most of the individuals and many neglect it as a weakness (thanks shows like Ekta Kapoor Mahabharata tv serial where people like Yudhishthira is shown as a coward)

This post will be studied by 2 types of people 

  1. Who wants to know about dharma.
  2. One who wants to know and teach it to others.
  • Those who belong to second type, I would suggest you to memories this because if you want to teach it to other people 
  • Definitely you will face questions so in order to answer them you need these key-points so that you can answer it with valid proof .

So it’s important that we understand it, learn it and clear certain misconceptions and make our nation prosper like Shri Ram Rajya   

                                                –Roshan Suvarna

"Dharma is not just a set of rules or rituals, but a way of living in harmony with the cosmic order. Ithihas is not just a record of past events, but a source of wisdom and inspiration for the present and the future. To follow dharma is to learn from ithihas, and to create ithihas is to uphold dharma."
Anvith Poojary

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