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Chapter 1 of Ramayana narrates the birth of Lord Rama, his lineage and how he was raised as a prince in the royal palace.

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1. On which river was the city of Ayodhya located?

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2. How many wives did King Dasharatha have?

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3. Why was King Dasharatha unhappy?

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4. What did the sages advise King Dasharatha to do to have children?

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5. Which God emerged from the fire pit during the yagna performed by King Dasharatha?

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6. What did Agni, the fire God, give to King Dasharatha after he performed the yagna?

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7. How many sons did King Dasharatha have?

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8. How did the people of Ayodhya celebrate the birth of the four princes?

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9.What was the name of the queen who gave birth to Rama?

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10. What did Agni, the fire God, tell King Dasharatha about the sweetened milk he received during the yagna?

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CHAPTER: 2: Ramayan

Ramayan is a Hindu epic that tells the story of Lord Rama's journey to rescue his wife, Sita, from the demon king, Ravana.

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1. Who taught the four princes archery, riding, and hunting?

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2. Who was the closest companion to Rama among his brothers?

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3. Why did Vishwamitra come to the court of Dasharatha?

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4. Who were the two Rakshasas that poured blood and human flesh on the fire pit, polluting the yagna?

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5. Why was Dasharatha hesitant to send Rama to fight against the Rakshasas?

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6. What did Vishwamitra tell Dasharatha when he refused to send Rama with him?

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7. Who convinced Dasharatha to send Rama with Vishwamitra?

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8. How long did Vishwamitra request to keep Rama with him to fight the Rakshasas?

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9. What did Vishwamitra promise to do after the yagna was completed?

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10. What did Dasharatha fear would happen if Rama went to fight the Rakshasas?

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11. Why did King Dasharatha feel proud of his sons?

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12. Why did Vishwamitra ask for Rama's help in killing the Rakshasas?

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Learn Mahabharat With JSK Quizย 

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"Participating in the JSK Quiz for Ramayan and Mahabharat is a fun and engaging way to deepen your knowledge of these epic stories, and unlock the wisdom they contain."
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