What is Dharma ?

Definition of Dharma (quote from mahabharat text)

dhāraṇād dharma ityāhuḥ dharmo dhārayate prajāḥ |
ya syād dhāraṇa samyuktaḥ sa dharma iti niścayaḥ ||

Meaning: The word Dharma is derived from dhāraṇa or sustenance; dharma sustains society. That Which has the capacity to sustain is indeed dharma. (Mahabharata, Karna Parva 69:58)
It is the science of conduct, the systematized principles according to which one should act. This is relative to the individual and one’s surroundings and circumstances.

                                                                                                     –Roshan Suvarna

"Dharma is not just a set of rules or rituals, but a way of living in harmony with the cosmic order. Ithihas is not just a record of past events, but a source of wisdom and inspiration for the present and the future. To follow dharma is to learn from ithihas, and to create ithihas is to uphold dharma."
Anvith Poojary

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