Bhakti SaαΉ…gΔ«ta: Sāgara (Bhakti Geet)


Participants are required to perform Bhakti songs or Bhajans, Age Group: 7-10 years, Member – Solo

These rules ensure fairness, professionalism, and an enjoyable experience for all participants and attendees.


Description: Participants are required to perform Bhakti songs or Bhajans.
Age Group: 7-10 years
Member – Solo
Entry Fees: Rs.47/- Rules and Regulations:
1. Song Selection: Participants must choose and sing a Bhakti song or Bhajan appropriate to their age group.
2. Performance Duration: 3+1 minute.
3. Languange : Any
4. Musical Accompaniment: Participants may choose to use musical accompaniment, as per there choose.
5. Devotional Expression: Participants should convey devotion, sincerity, and reverence in their performance.
6. Conduct: Participants must adhere to the event’s code of conduct and show respect towards fellow contestants, judges, and organizers.
7. Judging Criteria: Performances will be evaluated based on factors such as vocal quality, expression, adherence to the theme, and overall presentation.
8. Fair Play: Any form of cheating, plagiarism, or disruptive behavior will result in immediate disqualification.


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